"JOYPONT" cordless pet hair vacuum-comb is a user friendly product for grooming small pets. It enables needle and knot combing and vacuuming the loose hair of the pet at the same time in the same process. The device can capture and store the combed hair in the dirt cup therefore enabling a continuous proceed of uninterrupted combing and vacuuming. This vacuum-comb product can greatly improve grooming efficiency. It uniquely integrates and optimizes the multi-task process of needle combing, knot combing and vacuuming.

What are the product highlights?

High Efficiency

The tiresome process of repetitively combing your pet and stopping to pull hair from the comb is history. Joypont vacuum-comb provides a smooth uninterrupted process of combing the pet’s loose hair while at the same time sucking them into the hair storage bin. It prevents pet loose hair from flying all over the places, reduces combing time, transforming the troublesome chore into a pleasant grooming experience enjoyable to you and your pet!

Optimizing Suction Power and Gentle Grooming

The product has two modes: gentle and strong. In gentle mode, the noise is small, and the pet can adapt to the initial needle grooming stage comfortably; in strong mode, the suction power is higher for knot comb to dis-entangle knotting hairs, in both cases the residual hair on the combs and the pet's free up hair can be easily vacuumed away.

Multi-Task Attachments

The product is equipped with one patent-pending and one patent-approved replaceable custom-designed combs to solve the two major problems of seasonal and yearly pet hair shedding, which can only be resolved by needle combing and knot combing.


The hair storage bin is designed with one-button opening. Press the button with one finger the hair storage bin will automatically pop up for the stored hair to drop out into the dustbin. The user can operate with one hand, making the emptying process swift and convenient.


The product is equipped with a charging base eliminating the shackles of wires, no need of plugging and unplugging. The elegance of the base cradling the comb-vacuum device is an adornment fitting nicely in different corners of your home environment.


The opening and closing button of the hair storage bin are equipped with self-locking button to prevent the hair storage bin from being opened accidentally during usage and avoid secondary pollution.